Dog Warden Services

Leitrim Dog Shelter

Leitrim Animal Welfare provides services to Leitrim County Council regarding collection , boarding and rehoming of  stray and unwanted dogs in County Leitrim. The Dog Shelter is located at Barraghmore Cottage, Drumkeerin, Co. Leitrim.

For further details and to view our large selection of lovable dogs for re-homing visit.

Opening Hours
Surrendering Dogs                Monday - Friday         9.00am-12.30pm
Re-homing Dogs                    Monday - Saturday               1.00pm-2.30pm 

Ph Leitrim Animal Welfare     071 9648300        email


Rehoming at Leitrim Dog Shelter

Leitrim currently has the highest rate of rehoming for stray dogs in Ireland.  Approximately 95% of the 400 stray or unwanted dogs and puppies taken in by County Leitrim Dog Shelter were rehomed in 2012.
It is the policy of Leitrim County Council and Leitrim Animal Welfare to ensure that all suitable dogs are rehomed and that all dogs are neutered, vaccinated and wormed before they are rehomed.

Spaying and Neutering  

All pet-owners are strongly advised to have their dog neutered if they don’t intend to breed from them in a responsible and caring way.  Many unwanted puppies end up as stray dogs. In Ireland the per capita rate of destruction of dogs in Local Authority pounds is more than twenty times that of the UK. This is inhumane, immoral and a complete waste of resources. The  most sustainable way to reduce the stray dog population in Ireland is for pet-owners to take their responsibility seriously and have their dog sterilised. Spaying your female dog will prevent her causing a nuisance when she comes in season. Neutered male dogs are less likely to wander or display aggression. Neutering also has many health benefits, including a greatly reduced risk of certain types of cancer.



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