Multicom Project

Leonardo da Vinci - Multicom 112 Extension project

(Language learning tools for Emergency Services personnel)

The Multicom 112 Extension project is a Transfer of Innovation application under the Leonardo da Vinci Lifelong Learning Programme 2007 – 2013. It builds on the success of two earlier projects that were created within the framework of the Leonardo programme for vocational training. They were awarded the European Language Label for innovative projects in 2006.

The project derives its name from the 112 number that was established in 1991 by the EU as the single European emergency call number to be used by all member states in an emergency. Article 4 of EU Council Decision 91/396/EU requires that all emergency calls are answered and handled in an appropriate manner.   The recent enlargement of the EU has led to the increased mobility of the workforce and population with greater numbers of workers and tourists travelling around Europe. All emergency service personnel must be able to deal with calls for assistance in an emergency in any language. To do so effectively means that they should be able to speak in a number of languages. 

The current project commenced in October 2008 and is due to be completed in May 2010.  Leitrim County Council as lead partner head up a consortium of seven partners. The project has further developed the modern innovative tools for language training including a user friendly CD and an online Virtual Learning Environment. Six languages have been added in this project to the eleven already provided under previous projects.  Emergency service persoonel can avail of this training in an informal learning environment.


Total of 17 languages now include:  English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Greek, Czech, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Turkish, Irish, Finnish, Slovenian, Lithuanian, Sami and Basque.

For further information, check out the project website, or contact Finian Joyce, Chief Fire Officer, Leitrim County Council at (071) 9650402 or




  • EU Sturctural Fund
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