Leitrim County Council - Housing Rents

Housing Rents

Leitrim County Council provides a range of social housing options to address housing need. Tenants of standard local authority, Rental Accommodation Scheme (RAS) and Long-Term Leasing Scheme tenants are obliged to pay a weekly rent to the Council.  The weekly rent known as the ‘Differential Rent’ is assessed based on the household income, which means that the amount of rent you pay depends on your total household income.  If you have a query in relation to your rent assessment and how your weekly rent is calculated please contact the Housing Department on 071/9650426.

Payment Options

Tenants are obliged to pay their weekly rent in full each and every week.  There are a number of payment options available to tenants to pay their rent as follows:

·       Payment via the Household Budget Scheme operated by An Post.

·       Payment directly from your Bank Account. 

·       Payment via a Post Office payment card.

·       Payment in person at the Cash Desk of Leitrim County Council.

o   Opening times – Monday to Friday 10.00 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Rent Arrears

If you have built up rent arrears on your account then you are advised to contact the Finance Department in order to put a payment plan in place to pay your weekly rent together with a contribution towards your rent arrears.   The plan will ensure that your weekly rent will be paid in full by direct deduction at source via the Household Budget Scheme operated by An Post or alternatively by EFT payment directly from your bank account. 

Enforcement Proceedings

The Council monitor all rent accounts to ensure that tenant(s) pay their weekly rent.  Where tenant(s) fall into arrears on their accounts, the Council will engage with the tenant (s) to re-instate their weekly rent account and to put a payment plan in place to address the arrears over a reasonable time-frame.  Where tenants refuse to engage and co-operate with the Council to address rent arrears then the Council may initiate legal proceedings in accordance with the provisions of the Housing (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act , 2014 to recover possession of the property.  

Contact Us

If you have a query on your rent account, please contact Ms. Ann Moran, Finance Department. Telephone: 071/9620005 ext 356. 

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