The CLÁR programme (Ceantair Laga Árd-Riachtanais), launched in October 2001, is a targeted investment programme in rural areas. CLÁR complements both the RAPID programme for disadvantaged urban areas and RAPID 11, the programme for provincial towns. They were introduced on foot of commitments in the Programme for Prosperity and Fairness for a targeted investment programme in both urban and rural disadvantaged areas.

CLÁR provides funding and co-funding to Government Departments, State Agencies and Local Authorities in accelerating investment in selected priority developments. There investments support physical, community and social infrastructure across a variety of measures. The measures introduced under the programme reflect the priorities identified by the communities in the selected areas whom the Minister consulted at the outset. The CLÁR Programme will run for the duration of the current NDP.

CLÁR operates through two basic instruments –
1. The reprioritising of investments under the National Development Plan to ensure that areas get priority of investment under the Plan.
2. A dedicated fund established to provide matching funding to Government Departments and other State Agencies for special projects including some not included in the National Development Plan that urgently needed rural development.

Investments occurs through Programmes such as:-
1. Class 3 County Roads
2. Urban Enhancement Schemes
3. Small Water and Waste Water Schemes
4. LIS Schemes
5. Non National Roads
6. Improvement to Road associated with forestry
7. Group Water Schemes

Details of the actual works undertaken in respect of the above investments can be found in the Annual Report.
  • Ireland Structural and Investment Funds
  • EU European Regional Development Fund