Virtual Check It Fits Service

Road Safety Authority (RSA) – Check It Fits Service

The RSA Check it Fits Service is offering Free Virtual Child Car Seat Checks 

The RSA Check it Fits Service has provided free child car seat checks at their nationwide face-to-face events in the past number of years. Following the introduction of public health measures in response to Covid-19 this March, the service was suspended.

The RSA Check it Fits Service is now offering FREE virtual child car seat checks. The new virtual service means that parents, guardians, grandparents, and childminders, can now have their child car seats checked by expert checkers from the comfort of their own home. It is easy to avail of the new virtual service. Simply an appointment at a time and date that suits you.   

In Ireland as many as 4 out of 5 child car seats are incorrectly fitted which can lead to serious injury or even death in the event of a collision. While the RSA continue to work towards bringing the Check it Fits Service back on the road, the RSA are encouraging people not to wait to have their child car seat checked and book a virtual appointment with Check it Fits today.  

Please help the RSA to raise awareness of child safety in cars by letting colleagues, friends, family members and any other relevant contacts know about the new RSA virtual service. Supporting Material and further information is available from the RSA Website.

Please visit to book your appointment.

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