Cruinniú na nÓg

Save the date – June 15th – Cruinniú na nÓg celebrating creativity in young people

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Cruinniú na nÓg 2019 - the national day of creativity for children and young people - will take place on Saturday 15th June this year. The model is similar to Culture Night except that events are held during the day, making them much more accessible to children and young people.

The guiding principle of Cruinniú 2019 is to empower children and young people to develop their creative expression by providing opportunities for them to participate in creative activities in their local area. Events can take all shapes and sizes from visual and performing arts to workshops and adventures in heritage, culture, science or technology with an emphasis on ‘doing’, ‘making’, ‘creating’. All events are free but numbers are limited so booking is required for most of them!

While the focus of most events will be on Saturday 15th, some events can also be held the day before for those groups, especially schools, that meet during the week.

Rabbits RiotManorhamilton

Friday Events 14/5/19

Open Mic Night Mohill Family Support Centre
7-9pm, Mohill Family Support Centre, Cannon Donohue Hall, Upper Main Street, Mohill

Mohill Family Support Centre is working in collaboration with Mohill Library to run an Open Mic event for young people focusing on the themes of culture and diversity. We will work with local music facilitator Glen Boyne, to deliver a programme of four workshops, consisting of two sessions per group. These will be specifically designed workshops held with two groups of young people aged between  8-11 years and 11-14 years. One workshop will take place in Mohill Family Support Centre and two workshops will be taking place in Mohill Library.

From these workshops the young people will be ready and equipped to put on a performance for their families, friends and the local community in Mohill Family Support Centre on the  evening of Friday the 14th of June 2019. They will perform a rap about their local community with a running theme on how we aim to make it a diverse place, open to to everyone who lives in the area. 

Ages : All
No booking required


Ceramic workshop
@ Cloone National School   9.30-3.30 pm

A ceramic workshop will be delivered by Artist Jennifer Kelly to the children of Cloone National School, Co. Leitrim. Her focus is on the fun, creative and tactile nature of the medium of clay. The aim is that the children will approach the workshop in a relaxed and playful manner so they may experience the versatility of clay. Allowing each child to discover their innate creativity by engaging ones powerful imagination through the process of this ceramic workshop. 

(Closed event for Cloone NS school pupils)


Hidden Layers Exhibition
3-5pm, Mohill Youth After School Group.

A series of workshops will take place over a course of three weeks working with the children who attend Mohill Youth after school group, culminating in a showcase of their artwork in Exhibition. The Artist Kate Murtagh Sheridan who will be delivering the workshops encourages children to be creative by guiding them towards things they didn’t know they could do. Children get the chance to do plaster casting, clay work and to use colour in unusual ways. This project will help exercise the child’s imagination by giving them guided freedom of play and letting their talents flourish. This project will emphasise the child’s freedom of imagination and play. It will be designed to tease out the child’s unknown creativity. The project will have hidden layers that the child will be unaware of until the very end when they see the process of their artwork exhibited. The emphasis will be on the process and not on a final piece this will ease the pressure on children to perform. They will have freedom to experiment and have fun with different mediums, learning important skills such as the colour wheel, special techniques in clay. Skills that they have acquired in school will be put to the test almost unbeknown to themselves. A short film will be created documenting the process throughout the project and this will be screened at the final Exhibition where family, friends and the local community will be invited

Ages: All


The Big Dig
14/6/19 @
St Joseph's NS, Leitrim VillageAll day Event

The Pupils of St Josephs are hosting The BIG DIG in their school . It is a hands on interactive workshop that gives Children the chance to experience what it is like to be an archaeologist by learning how to excavate the remains of a Viking House.  As they dig through the site, participants will unearth Viking treasure and artefacts dating back to 1,000 years


Saturday Events 15/6/19


What Breffni Youth Cafe Means To Me  andATaste of Breffni
Breffni Youth Cafe, Breffni Crescent, Carrick on Shannon 2-4pm

An Art Workshop will take place, working with a professional facilitator,  with the young people who participate in Breffni Youth Cafe in which they will design a logo expressing what the youth project means to them. Using recycled materials where possible in the design continuing the promotion of environmental awareness with the Youth Group which is an important step in preserving our unique environment.The finished logo design will be displayed in the newly built extension. By facilitating all young people to collaborate in the creation of the logo together the logo will be a visual representation of inclusiveness of all the individuals and cultures in Breffni Youth Cafe. Running alongside the logo workshop a Food Tasting Event will be taking place.The young people involved with the Breffni Youth Café will be invited to prepare their favourite home cooked dishes with their parents which they will share with each other as part of their own mini food market. Allowing the young people to share their cultural background through exploring and tasting a variety foods from other cultures prepared by the families that live in our surrounding  community.

Ages 13+


The Bemusement Games
@ Leitrim Design House : 2-4pm

This event will be filled with fun and games for children, young people and their family. Niall Miller and Brenda McLoughlin from Fuinseog Woodland Crafts will present traditional and not-so-traditional wooden games. The traditional games include chess/draughts, spinning tops, ring-toss. The not-so-traditional games include marble runs, wooden pinball, mazes. These are locally made & hand crafted traditional games that all ages, cultures and abilities can engage with. Niall and Brenda have extensive experience in facilitating events. These talented craft makers will share with their young audience how the games were created. They will be informed about what type of wood was used, what kind of tree provides this wood and how to identify this type of tree by its leaf/fruit/nut and where these trees can be located. Niall & Brenda will also guide the children in making toss rings. The rings for the ring toss game are made from home grown willow and are suitable for all ages to make. They also are the basis for making dreamcatchers and decorative wreaths for door and table decorations. The young participants will be inspired not only by playing these handcrafted games but also in learning how the games were created. This event will encourage innovation in the young and will entice participants to go on to construct their own games at home.

Age : All
Booking required :


Come Fly With Me
Manorhamilton  All Day Outdoor Exhibition

A series of workshops will take place over three afternoons between mid-May and early June with the children from Chluanin Art Club making traditional Japanese Koinobori Kites based in Manorhamilton. Native fish from Leitrim County will be explored biologically from sourced specimens and drawn as studies first. Attention will be focused on the shape of the fins, the design of the scales, the profile and the colour of each fish. The group will then discuss habitat and food sources, sustainability and the importance of protecting our precious natural environment. An element of local story-telling will be included in the workshops on the legend of the peculiar ‘gillaroo’ trout which, according to lore is a fish which was once a chicken and is unique to just a single lake in the whole world; Lough Melvin. The group will then explore handmade washi papers from Japan and delicate tissues and begin utilising these to plan and make our own individual ‘gillaroo’ kites using calico, the special papers, colours, wax pastels, ribbons and dyes. The children’s imaginations and  drawings prepared earlier will work together to conjure up a special fish of our own design. The end result will be an outdoor exhibition on the 15th June around the town of Manorhamilton. Once completed, the colourful kites will be displayed throughout the town outside shops, the Library, Banks and Guesthouses as a kind of festive bunting. 

Ages : All


Cruinniú Na nÓg Street Session
Main Street / Manorhamilton 4-7pm

Following the success of the inaugural the Cruinniú Na nÓg Street Session last year, this year we will be adding new exciting creative elements to the event, all while maintaining the main focus on young people performing on the day. This year, young people will be invited to set up food and craft stalls of their own homemade wares, which the audience will be invited to taste and experience. A mini-music festival will take place on the streets of Manorhamilton for friends, family, and the local community to enjoy. The Glens Centre will erect a stage on Main Street, with full technical backup and seating for up to sixty people. Each act will perform for  20-30 minutes, depending on the number of acts participating. All participants will be featured in an edited sound recording from the day and will receive a copy each. The evening's performance will be rounded off with the appearance of a surprise special guest!

Ages : 8-18
Booking : Pre-Registration to secure slot. Parental Consent required. Registration forms available at the Glens Centre Reception. 
@The.Glens.Centre  Phone: (071) 9855833


Visual Art Workshops @ Drumshanbo Library
10.30a.m-12pm, 1pm-2.30pm and 3pm-4.30pm

The emphasis of the workshops are for children to work collectively on pieces of artwork, through a range of painting and drawing activities. These activities will be based on traditional children's games to bring familiarity and fun to the workshop. The children will be encouraged to develop their artistic expression and will learn how to collaborate and communicate through the process of creativity.

Ages:  5-8
Booking is advised through the Drumshanbo Library.


Arts Craft and Mindfulness Workshop
The Base Youth Project, Drumshanbo : 11am-1pm

This event  will be focused on exploring the theme of Family, Friends and Community  with young people in the Drumshanbo area . This will materialise through storytelling, Mindfullness and Art and Craft workshops in the Base Youth Project, Drumshanbo, Co. Leitrim. The workshops will be delivered by artist  Denise Terry-O'Neill whose practice includes elements of narratives and storytelling combined with visual art processes. A large wall hanging will be created by the young people during the workshops taking pride of place in the Base Youth Project. 

Ages : 13+


Ukelele Workshop with Performance
Ballinamore 5.30-6.30pm

This event is intended to enable children and young people from Co. Leitrim to experience the fun of playing and improvising together as a group. It will be suitable for both beginners as well as those who may already have some experience of playing the ukulele from the ages of 9 – 17 years.  Children and young people who would like to observe to see what it is all about are welcome to do so. There will be an opportunity to play percussion instruments as well as singing. The students will use ukuleles, percussion instruments and various vocal sounds to create the sound of a train. The creative practice of composing and improvising will encourage social creativity which in turn will contribute towards confidence building. On completion of their composition they will listen to and then learn an already composed piece which sounds like a train. Creativity will be enhanced through interaction and the sharing of ideas, knowledge and expertise among the participants and the leaders. While their creative instincts will be nurtured through composition and improvisation, they will also be learning to play together as a group of musicians or an ensemble.A short performance by The Ukebox will allow us to hear a variety of songs from around the globe giving the participants an insight to the vast amount of countries who play ukulele and will give a sense of the varieties and styles of music from different cultures.

Ages : 9-17


Pa Sweeney Traditional Music Workshops
The Mayflower, Drumshanbo, Co Leitrim.   9.30am -12.30pm

A series of  introductory workshops will take place in The Mayflower, Drumshanbo, Co Leitrim. They  are designed to introduce children and young people to Traditional Irish music through instruments and techniques such as the Flute, Whistle, Harp and Singing. The workshops will be delivered by renowned professional muiscians Dave Sheridan, Pádraig Sweeney, Enda Seery, Fiachra Guihen and Gavin Sweeney.  

Ages : All


Save the World – You Can Be a Superhero!
Organic Centre,
Rossinver Leitrim with Rabbit’s Riot Theatre Company  1pm - 4.30pm

The evil witch Polly Ution has cast a dark, dank, and quite smelly spell that is slowly destroying the world. Our oceans are filling up with rubbish, polar bears are disappearing at an alarming rate, and the weather can't decide between a heatwave or hailstones! With the help of Queen Envi-Ro and her sidekicks, Ment and Al, you can help save the world from Polly Ution's disastrous wrath. This interactive and activity-filled performance will be an enjoyable experience for all the family. A small picnic with vegan and gluten free options will be provided by Ragged Jack's Kitchen.

There is very limited space for both performances, so booking is recommended. 
Booking :
Ages : All


Interactive Environmental Art Project  @ The Dock
The Dock , Georges Street , Carrick On Shannon 11am - 2.30 pm

Raising environmental awareness amongst children at an early age is an important part of their development the Arts can play a very useful part in this area of growth. For Cruinniú na nÓg 2019 The Dock in association with Mud Bugs will deliver a series of specially designed workshops led by Jessica O’Rourke of ‘Mud Bugs’. During this interactive and immersive experience children will explore the patterns on items found in nature and learn to creatively express themselves in new ways, creating 2D and 3D forms. Mud Bugs work is a blend of the Scandinavian Forest School pedagogy with nature-based activities. Through teaching children from an early stage that nature should be respected and nourished, the children have the space and skills to be active, reflect, meditate, care for each other as well as themselves and overall, thrive in nature. Mud Bugs promotes independence, self-reliance, problem-solving, co-ordination, emotional well-being and physical development. As part of the process, participants will work with leaves, pine cones, feathers, and shells; and will discover how to integrate patterns from these items into their own clay creations. Non-toxic, air drying clay will be used which can be painted afterwards. The techniques learned will inspire children to search for the natural art in their own backyard and local park/forest while opening a discussion on environmental awareness. Each child will be given a special notebook made of re-cycled paper to take way

Ages : All
Booking :


Youth Theatre Carrigallen
Carrigallen Community Hall @ 11am -2pm

A three hour creative arts workshop working with artist Carolann Farrelly for 13 to 18 year
old young people will take place in Carrigallen Community Hall with Carrigallen Youth Theatre participants between 11am to 2pm on the 15th of June 2019.The workshop will use acrylic paint, song, music, improvisation to tell a story through being in contact with these mediums, trying to capture the essence of those present through this process.The young people will explore their creativity in a safe and fun environment .The workshop is designed as a taster for those who may not have experienced the arts in this creative way.

Ages 13-18


Library Events

Friday 14/6/19


Write a Rap Song Workshop        


Ballinamore Library   @ 10.30am        Ages   9-13

Booking : by arrangement with local school            

Coding Workshops    

Manorhamilton  Library@10.30am       

Ages : 6-12       Booking : by arrangement with local school         

Music performance by local children


Kiltyclogher  Library @ 6pm                                                                                

Ages : 6-12        Booking : None           071-9854891   

Creative Writing Workshop   

Dromahair Library    @6pm                                                                                                     Ages :8-12             Booking :071-9164364    

Library Events 15/6/19


Storytelling and Monster-Doodling with Dolores Keaveney  

Drumshanbo Library @ 10.30am

Ages : All welcome No booking required  0719641258

Drama Workshop  

Carrigallen  Library  

Booking   Required            049-4339188    

Ages 8-12

Storytelling and Monster-Doodling with Dolores Keaveney  

Carrick On Shannon Library 12.15pm

Ages : All welcome      No booking required   071-9620789

Up-cycling Workshop  

(Bring along old item of clothing T-shirt/jumper and give it a new look)  

Ballinamore  Library 2.30p.m-4.30p.m           

Ages : 11-14    Booking required      071 9645566                      


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